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Corporate Overview

The LKG GROUP OF COMPANIES is a global conglomerate closed corporation operating in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada and United States of America that began trading before World War II with its Chairman and Patriarch, Lim Kong Gee at the helm.

To date, it maintains extensive holdings in the areas of Banking and Finance, Real Estate Development, Property Holdings, Construction, Manufacturing, Steel Smelting, Aggregates, Textiles, Wholesale, Trading and Distribution, General Merchandising, Social Services and Education, Hospital & Medical Services, Automotive & Motorcycle Battery and Distribution, Advertising and more.

LKG's biggest asset is its ability to continuously respond and adapt to the varying and growing needs of its customers and consumers. It continues to make a name in different industries as it collaborates with other strong international conglomerates. In the Philippines, despite the devastation of from the World War II, LKG emerged with a string of factories and land assets. Since then, LKG has grown to cover more diversified investments. In terms of annual gross revenues, the group's combined performance ranks among the country's Top 500 Corporations.

The entire group has been operating strong for more than half a century. Despite its successes, LKG commits to continuously meet the demand of its market by continuing to produce quality products and extend guaranteed services in the coming years.

Continental Sales, Inc.

General Merchandising and Distribution

Universal Steel Smelting Company, Inc.

Reinforcing Steel Bars


Certified Kaplan Education Provider

Ad Network

Advertising Network Philippines


Property Management & Warehousing

Consolidated Aggregates Philippines, Inc.

Aggregates Supply


A Decade of Academic Excellence

Kester Grant College Canada

A Decade of Academic Excellence

Abbotsford Development Corporation

Philippine Construction Consortium Corporation

Corporate Email

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Philippine Office

28 Quirino Highway, Balintawak
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Philippines 1106

Philippine Hotlines

(+63) 02 362-5886/87 CSI
(+63) 02 362-4985 Glowide
(+63) 02 361-0008 CAPI
(+63) 02 361-1247 UniSteel
(+63) 02 363-2651 UniSteel


(+63) 02 363-7162 CSI
(+63) 02 362-4575 USSCI / CAPI / Glowide

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