I Finally passed the NCLEX exam! Thank you ICSEC-KAPLAN for a wonderful 3 month review. Thank you sa mga staff na very hospitable and warm.
Raymund Nicholas Ganir, USRN
thb-katrinaHello ICSEC-KAPLAN family! I wish you all the best. I miss all of you already. May you continue to be the best review center not only in Iloilo but the whole Philippines as well. More power and god bless. I love ICSEC-KAPLAN!
Katrina Armonio, USRN
thb-ailynGod is really good! I just passed my NCLEX exam last feb. 25, I got 75 items which made my heart swell with pride. It really took a great deal of courage and analysis when you take the exam. To my ICSEC-KAPLAN family, I truly appreciate your support and encouragement. Indeed it really made a big difference in my exam. I will never forget all of you for playing a big part on my success. Thank you! thank you! thank you! to the reviewees: study hard + pray + believe in yourself = USRN. God bless pepz!

Ailyn Gregory, USRN
The Topics were very comprehensive. They are applicable not only for the USMLE but also for the Local boards. The subjects that helped me the most were Biochemistry, Pathology and Pharmacology. A lot of the questions asked in the Philippine boards were covered in the Kaplan review. The Kaplan Qbook is very excellent because the format of the questions was the same as the real exam. The thinking process used to answer questions in the Qbook was extremely helpful in asnwering questions in the real exam. When I took the exam I wasn't surprised at all at the questions because of the Qbook. I will recommend the Kaplan review course to all my friends who will ask me for advice regarding the USMLE.
Kenny Seng, MD USMLE 1 Student
ICSEC-KAPLAN imparted so much in my life. The coordinators (staff) and the instructors taught us many things and we want to thank them for being so good to us and for being so understanding. It was fun and at the same time worth the time being enrolled in this review center. I learned a lot. I really appreciate your service and thank you for the opportunity to review in this program.
Kaplan greatly helped us excel in the USMLE. The courses were comprehensive and provided highest quality and most effective resources. They were carefully and efficiently planned and preapared. Starting with a Diagnostic Exam that provided us a baseline to show our strengths and weaknesses and offered advice on how to go with our review and test taking strategies. It ended with a simulated exam that reflected our readiness to take the highly awaiting step, the USMLE. The lectures were excellent provided by the best and experts US faculty. The materials were superior and very high-yield. Almost all of the questions on the actual exam itself were tackled during the review. The Qbook and the online Qbank contained exam-style questions that in the real exam, we were just like practicing. We are very thankful that we have considered Kaplan. It has helped us a great deal to achieve ou high scores and to go into the best residency training.
Marie Antonette Climaco, MD USMLE 1, 2 Student
thb-tatumThanks ICSEC-KAPLAN! I did it! I took the NCLEX-RN exam once and I passed. Your really a big help, thank you so much, God bless us all.
Tatuma Aira Solis, USRN
thb-cherylIm really so thankful and blessed that I choose ICSEC-KAPLAN for my NCLEX review. After 3 weeks I got the result... I passed! To those who will be taking the NCLEX soon, good luck, dont worry too much because your from ICSEC-KAPLAN and of course dont forget to pray.
Cheryl Go, USRN
thb-mariaI took my NCLEX-RN exam and I passed. I got 75 questions in less than 2 hours, I can that the ICSEC-KAPLAN strategies really works! It helped me a lot in choosing the right answer, eventhough im clueless of the answear I just use the strategies to help me narrow down the choices until I get it right. The ICSEC-KAPLAN question trainers are very helpful too. It is patterned to the real NCLEX-RN that it trains you to answer critical thinking and analysis questions. Thank you ICSEC-KAPLAN!
Maria Angeles Grande, USRN
Getting into residency training in the United States is a tough process and highly competitive. And being international medical graduates, we must take more that twice the effort fos us to have  a good training in the US. Having high scores in the USMLE will help a lot in preparation with this. We have made the right decision to have our foprmal review for the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1 and Step 2 Clinical Knowledge by enrolling at Kaplan Philippines. In fact, it is the only center in the country that we know that provides comprehensive review courses for the USMLE since it is widely known that those who have reviewed at Kaplan have gotten excellent scores. A lot of our predecessors at Kaplan have been accepted into the best hospitals in the United States.
Anne Mae Climaco, MD USMLE 1, 2 Student
"I am grateful for Kaplan being there to provide me with an excellent environment for self-study and a facet for correspondence with fellow doctors. I have achieved exceptional scores in all my USMLE steps as a direct result of Kaplan's study tips which cut down on my study time and allowed me to focus on high-yield points."
John Paul Matriano, MD USMLE Student

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