About Us
USSCI-certificatesUniversal Steel Smelting Co., Inc. (USSCI) was established back in January 27, 1966 with the manufacturing objective of producing the highest quality standards of reinforcing steel bars for the Philippine Construction Industry. It is financially strong as part of the LKG group of companies and with strategic alliances with several of the major financial institutions in the Philippines. Our manufacturing plant is located along Quirino Highway, Balintawak, Quezon City. 

The USSCI Manufacturing Facility

From its humble beginnings as a hand-fed mill in the remote past, our management team has given top priority on facility modernization and today, our manufacturing process has finally evolved into becoming a Full Tandem Mill from the roughing all the way to the finishing passes, with a state-of-the-art continuous type reheating furnace, designed and supplied by the finest furnace makers in japan, the Sanken Sangyo Co., Ltd. The furnace utilizes a fully computerized High Pressure Burner System with atomized air to ensure efficient combustion of heavy fuel oil. The reheating system, which is fully automated and equipped with the latest Programmable Logic Control, has been designed to maintain consistent and uniform heating throughout the entire furnace, a critical aspect in the billet reheating process.

The USSCI Quality Assurance Standard

USSCI has given utmost priority to its manufacturing quality standards. Our Quality Assurance Testing Laboratory utilizes a Carbon analyzer Spectrometer and Universal Testing Machine to ensure that all of our mill’s production is in conformity with the strictest quality standards in rebar manufacturing. The Bureau of Product Standards has conferred upon USSCI the Philippine Standard Quality Certification Mark for all of its Deformed Steel Bars. Moreover, our testing laboratory has been fully accredited by the Bureau of Research and Standards to undertake materials testing for all government infrastructure projects.

The USSCI Proof of Quality: ISO 9001:2000 Certified

More importantly, USSCI has been conferred the distinguished citation of being ISO 9001:2000 standard compliant, a testament that its manufacturing processes operates with a total quality management system which has been assessed as conforming to internationally acclaimed manufacturing standards. TUV Philippines Inc. of Germany, USSCI’s certifying body, has fully documented the highest quality and safety of the products, system and services of USSCI as a reinforcing Bar Manufacturer.

The USSCI Customer Service Satisfaction Policy

And Finally, USSCI is commited to fulfill its obligation to total customer service satisfaction from the actual performance of our rebars to its timely deliveries at the project site. Our Customer Service Team shall provide all the supports needed to ensure complete customer satisfaction at the bar-user level. Likewise, our professional management team is dedicated to the continuing development and training of it employees, all of which will translate to a high level of professionalism in providing our clients with the best after-sales service program. At Universal Steel, we forge strong alliances for the future.