Old / New Students who would like to Avail of KGC’s Scholarship Grant should meet the following requirements:
  1. Incoming freshmen who graduated with honors in high school are qualified to apply after presenting the following documents:
         a. Original High School Card (Form 138)
         b. Certificate from the School Principal / Director/ for the honor/s received
         c. Certificate of Good Moral Character

    Qualified scholars are entitled to the following tuition fee discounts:
         For Valedictorian – 100% of Tuition Fee
         For Salutatorian – 50% of Tuition Fee

  2. To qualify for residence scholarship for the succeeding semester, student should get a grade of at least 1.25 in all academic subjects enrolled in full load or as may be required based on the student’s year level. He/she must be intellectually sign and morally upright.

  3. The residence scholarship grant is awarded to students with the following weighted average (GWA) for each semester to qualify.
         1 - 1.15   > 100% of tuition fee
         1.16 - 1.25   > 50% of tuition fee

  4. Accredited transferees who would like to apply for scholarship shall comply with the following requirements:
         a. He/she must complete one (1) semester at KGC (enrolled with full load or as required based in his year level)
         b. He must earn the required GWA mentioned above