Advertising Network, Philippines (AdNetwork) already has been in existence for twenty-five years now and aims to provide its clientele with the necessary media exposure and acknowledgement in their respective fields of specialization. It also provides the latest and innovative promotional services through traditional and non-traditional media campaigns that range from print ad placements, to billboard assembly, to sponsorship of events and participation in trade fairs.

Currently, AdNetwork's roster of clients include: Continental Sales, Inc. exclusive distributor of Haier Appliances "The World's top five brands in manufacturing of refrigerators, freezers and washing machines" and Midea Appliances "the world's largest manufacturer of electric fans & rice cookers" and International Cultural Studies & Education Corp., Inc., which holds the exclusive Philippine license to the Kaplan Educational Centers (USA), a Washington Post company that owns Newsweek International. Kaplan Educational system in the country has been a propelling force in sending our graduates for higher education and professional training outside the Philippines.

As one of the growing entities in the field, we are now expanding our media horizons to be able to promote our valued clients extensively.


  1. To strengthen client's product image by emphasizing unique selling propositions and conformity with international quality standards.
  2. To position client's products and services as " superior quality and effective alternatives".
  3. Acquire substantial market share for the client.
  4. Have immediate results through stimulation of the consumer interest to avail of our clients' products and services.


  1. To sustain and enhance customer confidence on the brand & services of our clients.
  2. Be known as an effective and most sought-after advertising agency in the industry.
  3. To magnify and propel clients' brand awareness.
  4. To build and promote product preference (creating product distinction toward superiority).


AdNetwork currently employs various media vehicles to be able to cater our clients' target markets. As a continuously growing agency, it uses both the traditional and non-traditional medium to be able to cope with the latest advertising and promotional trend in order to provide our clients the exposure they want or need. We are proud to say that we are working closely with the three major broad sheets of the country namely Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin and Philippine Daily Inquirer as well as a number of the major radio and TV stations.

The agency believes that advertising plays a major role in the entire marketing mix, which consists of product, price, person, packaging, promotion, publicity and place. That's why AdNetwork Philippines works hard to meet the demands of existing clients. It is also the agency's aim to be able to serve an array of clientele engaged in diverse businesses.