Consolidated Aggregates Philippines, Incorporated (CAPI)

Where there is a healthy economy, then there is a booming construction industry. There too, would be Consolidated Aggregates, one of the leading suppliers of quality ready-mixed
Established in 1978, Consolidated Aggregates Phils., Inc. (CAPI) is the leading source of construction materials for building infrastructures. The company's 25-year history embodies the resiliency of the organization. As one of the nations' leading suppliers, the company keeps a hold of its top rank by skillfully adapting to the use of modern technologies and management techniques. The company's vast knowledge and experience enables itself as to pursue its goals while strengthening its revenue-generating capability. The group to which CAPI belongs to understands the volatility of the real estate and construction industry in the country. It is during these inevitable cycles that CAPI remain as solid as the foundations it creates.
True to its founder's vision, Consolidated Aggregates has been aggressive on the construction industry, constantly strengthening its manufacturing capability in order to keep up with each decade's new challenges as the following describes:
  • In 1981, it set up a crushing plant in Bulacan to provide its batching plants with aggregate raw materials.
  • In 1988, it relocated its ready-mixed concrete batching plant from Balintawak to a larger facility in Libis, Quezon City, in order to be closer to the heart of the construction boom - Ortigas, Pasig City and Makati City.
  • In 1989, seeking to increase its capacity, the company acquired Peterbuilt Corp.'s ELBA barching plant in Taguig.
CAPI's continuous growth during the past two decades can be attributed to the competence of its management. Its list of customers from both the private and government sectors are living testimonies to the reliability of its service and product quality. Its success encouraged newcomers in the industry, which resulted to overcrowding of the ready-mixed concrete industry during Asian currency crisis in the late 1990's.
CAPI showed its resilience by toning down its batching plants and entering into tolling arrangements using the excess capacity of newer and more modern batching plants. It focused its operation on the cash generating crushing plant business. It is now the main source of aggregates, batching plants and asphalt plants in the Northern provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga, in addition to its Metro Manila clients.
What does the next decade hold for Consolidated Aggregates and the construction industry? Judging from current trends, future elections and as a new administration will usher in fresh investors' confidence it will lead to growth and more construction in all probability. Furthermore, extensive expansion plans for CAPI is underway.
CAPI wants to be there when it comes to supporting contractors and architects by giving them the best raw materials to build their dreams projects. Consolidated Aggregates- for strength the construction industry can stand on.