Corporate Profile

The LKG Group of Companies maintains extensive holdings in the areas of construction, manufacturing, real estate, wholesale, trading, general merchandising, social services and education. It began trading before World War II with its Chairman and Patriarch, Lim K.G. at the helm. Despite the devastation the war left the Philippines with, LKG emerged with a string of factories and land assets. Since then, LKG has grown to cover more diversified investments. In terms of annual gross revenues, the group's combined performance ranks among the country's top 500 corporations.
LKG's biggest asset is its ability of continuously responding to the varying and growing needs of its customers and consumers. It answered the construction and consumer needs of the country when the government was eyeing industrialization by producing steels, cements, aggregates and textiles. Inspired by this and encouraged by the economic environment at that time, LKG started to engage in other business like retail, banking and financing, real estate development, property holdings, hospital & medical services, automotive and motorcycle battery, advertising and education.
LKG continued to make a name in the industries as it also collaborated with international conglomerates. LKG now holds the Philippine distributorship of Haier and Midea appliances. Haier ranks among the world's top 5 brands in refrigerators and freezers while Midea is the world's top manufacturer of electric fans and rice cookers. Both companies are based in the People's Republic of China with factories around the globe.
LKG is also currently holding the Philippine licensee of the world's leader in test preparations for students and professionals, the Kaplan Educational Centers based in USA.
LKG Group has been operating for more than half a century in the industry. Despite its successes, it commits to continuously meet the demand of its market by continuing to produce quality products and extend guaranteed services in the coming years.