The Plant

USSCI is located along Quirino Highway, Balintawak, Quezon City. The re-rolling plant itself is situated on an about 85,000 square meter industrial property. The plant has a storage capacity for Steel Billets of about 60,000 metric tons. The finished product warehouse can store around 40,000 metric tons of steel rebars. The plant underwent phase-I of its modernization program during the summer of 2002 till the last quarter of year 2003 with minimal mill shutdown to improve its mill output and significantly reduce operating cost to better serve its continuously growing clientele.


The Mill Facilities

the-billet-shearThe Billet Shear - USSCI employs the use of an on-line automated hydraulic Billet Shear that directly charges cut to length billets to the reheating furnace.

Reheating Furnace

reheating-surfaceUSSCI uses a top firing pusher type furnace designed and supplied by FORNI INDUSTRIAL BENDOTTI (known as one of the best leader manufacturer of pre-constructed furnaces within its sector). The furnace has a capacity of 35-40 metric tons per hour with (3) three zone stages (Preheating, Heating and Soaking Zone) and consist of recuperative  portion where the workstock is heated with the sensible heat of waste gas. Each single zone uses high-pressure burner with atomized air to ensure efficient  combustion of heavy fuel oil and it is properly controlled to achieved desired air/fuel ratio. The system is highly automated using Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and controlled by Human Machine Interface (HMI) to ensure consistent heating all throughout the furnace

The Roughing Mill (R.M.)

roughing-millThe Roughing Mill is a 3-hi roll stand with (5) five breakdown passes. The rolls have a diameter of 450mm and made of a high quality material that ensure the smooth and unhampered production of quality steel.


The Intermediate Mill (I.M.)

intermidiate-millThe intermediate 1,2,3 are of Tandem Mill type, 2 hi-bearing stand to produce more accurate stocks by limiting mill springs created by the impact caused by a passing stocks between rolls. The roll stands are of heavy-duty type. The Finishing Mill (F.M.)


The Finishing Mill

finishing-millThe Finishing Mill 1,2,3 are of Tandem Mill type 2-hi bearing stand to ensure high quality of produced rebars. The mill trains are powered by 600 HP DC Motors for variability of speed, which eliminates unnecessary pulling between roll stand.



The Quenching Line

quenching-lineThe quenching line is a (2) two strands Pomini (Italian made) Thermex quenching equipment installed on line before the cooling bed. This equipment is use to enhanced mechanical properties of steel bars one to two grade steps higher in accordance with our customer’s specification and satisfaction. To ensure high quality of our products samples are taken periodically and testings are being conducted in our in-house laboratory using a Carbon Analyzer Spectrometer and Universal Testing Machine (UTM).