Welcome to Kester Grant College Canada!

KGC is an educational center that assists students in developing skills that will enhance their social and cultural development as well as prepare them for post-secondary education and employment opportunities. With programs delivered through Full-time and Part-time classes, KGC is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most prestigious schools.

Our Web Site (www.kgc.bc.ca) will help you discover information about our programs, KGC staff and students, our achievements and success. Our commitment to discover and diversify has allowed us to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. KGC is confident that you will discover many avenues to achieve your educational goals and personal aspirations.

KGC encourages you to keep learning, for education is a lifelong journey. The skills you gain from studying at our school which is situated in a city so rich in culture will be invaluable and contribute greatly to your success. Enjoy your time here at KGC and best wishes for a promising future.