icsec-nleNLE - The Nursing Licensure Examination is a government – mandated examination administered by the Professional Regulations Commission to a graduate of B.S. in Nursing. Anyone who wishes to practice nursing as a profession in the Philippines must pass this exam and must be duly registered with the PRC.
The NLE is an integrated comprehensive set of tests organized into five parts (Nursing Practice I, II, III, IV and V) revolving mainly around the major nursing components – Basics of Nursing (Safety and quality care, communication, collaboration and health education); Empowering components (Legal, ethico-moral responsibilities and personal and professional development); Enabling components (Management of resources and environment, record management); and Enhancing components (Research and quality improvement).
ICSEC has two courses for the NLE which were designed to provide the students with the most effective preparation for the board exam. The NLE Refresher Course offers a comprehensive review of the nursing concepts and theories by trained instructors. The NLE Test Preparation program offers a wide range of assessment tools which aim to equip the students with effective test-taking skills.

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