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lkgUn i v e r s a l S t e e l Smelting Co., Inc. (USSCI), a member of the LKG Group of Companies, maintains extensive holdings in the areas of construction, manufacturing, real estate, wholesale, trading, general merchandising, social services and education. It began trading before World War II, led by its Chairman and Patriarch, Lim Kong Gee. Despite the war’s devastating effects on the Philippines, LKG emerged from this period with manufacturing facilities that provided the country with basic necessities such as shelter and clothing. Since then, LKG has continued to grow and diversify its holdings. It now ranks among the country’s top 500 corporations by revenue.

 Fifty years is indeed a major milestone for any company and we are most fortunate to have arrived at this moment in our history. So today with great pride and deep appreciation, we pay homage to the founding father who, with humble beginnings in the Philippines as a teenager from southern China, learned how to be an employee, trader, businessman, industrialist, and later, a captain of industry. His journey was one of extreme hardship, perseverance and resilience to over- come all the difficulties that came from failures due to economic depression, wars and calamities. These multi- faceted experiences gained from his early years in life formed the many virtuous qualities that made him a leader both in business, in the community and even in the country.

As a young individual, Mr. Lim began his career even before the Second World War, starting out as an apprentice in a small trading firm in the textile quarters of Manila’s Binondo district where he learned the various aspects involved in building a business enterprise. His trading business gradually grew and became very prosperous. When the Second World War began, many of his colleagues halted their business operations, but Mr. Lim persevered in ingenious ways. Following the country’s liberation from the Japanese, he continued on with his businesses, enterprising in fully integrated textile manufacturing, steel making and cement manufacturing – and the rest, as we know, it is history.

USSCI was established in the mid-1960’s with the primary objective of manufacturing the highest quality reinforcing steel bars for the Philippine construction industry. From its humble beginnings operating as a hand-fed mill, our management team has continuously given top priority to facility modernization. Today, our manufacturing process has evolved into a full tandem mill from the roughing mill train all the way to the finishing mill train, with level 2 automation and fully driven with DC controlled motor drives. Even at this time, the USSCI management found it imperative to invest in a state-of-the-art furnace from the worlds’ finest manufacturer of reheating furnaces, Forni Industriali Bendotti of Italy. This reheating system, which is fully automated, environment friendly and equipped with the latest Programmable Logic Control, has been designed to maintain consistent and uniform heating throughout the entire furnace, a critical aspect in the billet reheating process. Along with this will come the timely revamp of the mill line as approved by the Philippine Board of Investment.


USSCI is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products. The company holds a number of quality certifications; for over 7 years now, USSCI has held the distinguished citation of being ISO 9001:2015 standard compliant, ensuring that its manufacturing processes operate in accordance with international manufacturing, quality and safety standards. USSCI has pursued its ISO 9001:2015 recertification year after year, demonstrating our firm commitment to maintaining consistency in our high standards. In addition to ISO certification, USSCI has also been awarded the Philippine Standard Quality Certification Mark by the Bureau of Product Standards; as well, it is fully ac- credited by the Bureau of Research and Standards to undertake materials testing for all government infrastructure projects

USSCI is also committed ensuring total customer satisfaction, from the performance of our rebars to on-time deliveries at project sites. Our customers have full access to a Customer Service Team that provides technical assistance as needed.

Throughout our fifty year journey we have constantly refined our business model. We have evolved from being highly production driven to being more market driven to better meet our clients’ changing needs. We have also professionalized our approach to the objectives of the company. Now at our 50th anniversary, there is simply no letting up nor slowing down. Compelled by our sincere desire to serve our clients excellently well, we continue to reengineer ourselves for the challenges and opportunities of the next 50 years.

 Above all, we will continue to rely on the grace and the wisdom of the Almighty to lead us onwards. By His mighty blessing, we remain a company fit as a worthy industry partner for the 21st Century.

At Universal Steel, we forge strong alliances for the future.



Universal Steel ISO 9001:2015 Recertification

50yearsUniversal Steel Smelting Co, Inc is proud to announce the re-certification of our Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015 Standards. Our facility was audited in March 2010 by TUV Testing Services , Inc.

Universal Steel Smelting Co, Inc has acquired ISO 9001:2015 recertification after passing an assessment by TUV Testing Services, Inc. last year.With the previous acquisition of the same certification by the Confirmation of ISO 9001 re-certification by a reputable third-party certification body through regular independent assessment and audit of the system. This is particularly of primodial importance in any manufcaturing company facility like us. Our re-certification demonstrates our firm commitment to the quality of reinforcing bars. Universal Steel Smelting Co, Inc.'s announcement clearly demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards and quality,"

Our ISO certification assures our customers that they can expect consistent, superior quality products and continued pursuit of excellence.

This coming 2016, Universal Steel Smelting Co, Inc. is celebrating 50 years of partnership with our clientele. Customers can contact us for a copy of our new certificate!

Oxford Instruments – Optical Emission Spectrometer

Carbon-Analyzer-SpectrometerIn line with our commitment to development and continued pursuit of excellence, the acquisition of an Optical Emission Spectrometer was another step towards furthering our dedication to improve on our quality and develop efficiency in our production for the benefit of both the company and the end users.

In the Optical Emission Spectroscopy, atoms in specimen materials are excited by energy that comes from a spark formed between specimen and electrode. The energy of the spark causes the electrons in the specimen to emit light which is converted into electromagnetic spectral pattern. By measuring the intensity of the peaks in the said spectrum, the analyser can produce qualitative and quantitative metal analysis of material composition with uncompromised accuracy.

It is through this analysis that we determine the integrity of the raw materials for use in our production. This allows us to define the most effective way to use the raw materials, through effective segregation and management of raw materials allocation.

With an effective system of raw materials management, it enhances production efficiency and further improves on the quality of reinforcing bars for public use.